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The ranch is located in south central Concho County on what can be described as a Western Edwards Plateau habitat.

It is dominated by large Live Oak trees, red oak trees, shimmer oak, elbow bush, Texas Red Bud, little leaf sumac, flame leaf sumac and various native plants that deer use for food. The ranch also feeds protein out of “free choice” feeders during stress periods, fawn drop, and antler growing seasons. The ranch sits on a transition zone between the western Edwards plateau and the start of the southern rolling plains which results in breath taking views and a wide variety of habitats. 
The ranch is divided by high fence into two pastures of 956 acres and 1716 acres. Both have been managed for the production of trophy white tail deer. The White Point division of Lonesome Ridge Ranch is a 1716 acre high fenced property that is intensely managed for the production of trophy white tailed deer. It is unique in the fact there have never been any “breeder” or non-native deer introduced into this division ever. The result has been the production of native bucks that score as high as 190 plus using the B&C scoring method. Field dressed weight of mature bucks is normally above 160 lbs. while mature doe dressed weight has exceeded 100 lbs. at times. Trophy bucks have mainly large framed typical antlers with some having sticker points and drop tines. Bucks with inside spread measurements over 20 inches are common. Several bucks scoring in the high 190’s have been taken in the past. The ranch is managed by our wildlife biologist and his management company, Integrated Wildlife Management Services 
On the Lonesome Ridge division are trophy whitetail, axis deer over 30”plus, a large population of Rio Grande turkey, varmints ( bobcat, fox, raccoon) and a healthy population of “wild quail” for other opportunities.

Lonesome Ridge Ranch operates under a Managed Land Permit which allows hunting to begin in October, earlier than the traditional date in November.